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"Critiquing Critical Cartography"

“A Critique of Critical Cartography,” published on ResearchGate.net (11 January 2016) and Academia.edu (13 January 2016), DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.1.3332.7126.

According to Google’s Ngram Viewer, which tracks words and phrases in works scanned for the Google Books Library Project, the phrase “critical cartography” emerged in the early 1960s as a metaphor for the careful scrutiny of diverse propositions unrelated to conventional maps and mapping. | A headnote to this short essay describes how my contribution was solicited by the editor of a collection of essays but later rejected by an imperious series editor. The book editor apologized for not letting me know earlier and volunteered, “your contribution was just excellent and would have made the book a richer volume."

Critique with Headnote and Graphics (769 KB)

Click here to see full article, with time-series graphics.